Electricityinabox® Enables You To Provide Electricity Under Your Own Brand

We are a company that can make you an electricity hero to your customer base. We make the transition to selling electricity a simple 6 step process. The traditional path of becoming a Licensed Electricity retailer costs millions of dollars and can take years to establish. Electricityinabox® takes away all the hassle and minimizes your risk. We setup, supply and support you and your customers through their life cycle. From moving in to moving out and everything that happens in between we have you covered

Electricityinabox® is a retail electricity provider. Rather than an aggressive direct model ours is more directed to aiding companies with good consumer brands with strong customer loyalty the ability to introduce Electricity customers to the Electricityinabox® business.

The value we add;
1) We provide a co-branded solution, where marketing and collateral is under your branding (our name as the authorised retailer remains on the customer contract.)
2) We provide you a solution to compete on a level playing field with the Tier 1 providers offering electricity and internet on one brand
3) We mitigate all risk for you. As a retailer we take on the credit , compliance, and other risks involved in electricity retail
4) You start making money from the first customer - Its not a huge amount- $5 a residential customer a month and $15 a business customer a month. Not huge dollars, but if you are a low margin telco provider your net margin is likely a few $$ a customer, so you can add this with out absorbing onboarding costs. Its easy to forecast with 1000 resi / 100 business customers you are making $60k / $180k a year of completely passive recurring income. if you turn up to work or not.
5) You can be defensive against combined offers of power and internet as you have a competing competitive branded offer.

Our enablement platform is central to our business. Our platform is evolving to continually improve the automation and customer life cycle from onboarding through to moving home or transitioning away for any other reason. The platform we use is Utilibill, which is the same platform many utilities depend on. Telcom partners will be familiar with the Telcoinabox model and Belong both resident on the Utilibill architecture.

Innovations with Solar, Battery and demand response is a primary focus of Electricityinabox®. We engage Utilibill to build out some market leading functionality and everything we introduce to Utilibill system will be made available to all users of the Utilibill platforms.

We provide you a Market Leading, Award Winning Solution

You sell services under your own brand. Our processes and procedures automate the onboarding process for your customers regardless if they are moving into a new premises or moving from an alternative provider. This is a solution that is by market standards, very low risk and offers great returns.

Sign up a customer once and they use your business month in month out generating you a recurring revenue stream or annuity.


As a partner you will be taken through an interactive training program
which explains the market, highlights the risks and rewards of working
in this industry. We do all we can to minimize the amount of
information you need to take on, by controlling the complex market
processes that require deep market knowledge.

We focus your training on the areas of the industry that impact you and
your customers. We provide a managed service so front, middle and
back office processes and procedures are all taken care of at

Education Electricity Market

The electricity industry is highly regulated and very complex. We remove many of these barriers and enable you to focus on sales and marketing (under our approved guidelines) to your addressable customers. Partners receive a comprehensive training program before signing customers up.

Our knowledge base is a store of numerous videos, tutorials and guides, these are backed by our operational support team who take an interest in supporting your success.

Market regulations change, as they do, our compliance team keeps you and the business abreast of change and manages this accordingly.

Business Investment

The electricity industry is highly regulated and very complex. Under our new to market model, you provide customer and we provide everything else; people, systems, processes, procedures, compliance.

Your business investment is kept to a minimum, you may do as little as bolting on a link at the end of your customer sign up process to say “Would you like to switch your electricity?” or you may be more interactive and assertive in finding new customer, using electricity as the new lead in to your existing product mix.

How Does The Process Work For You?

  • Partner offers electricity as
    add on NBN or Solar order
  • Customer wants
  • System quotes
  • Customer signs up
  • Service request
    sent to the market
  • EIAB becomes FRMP
    responsible for customer
  • We collect
    consumption data
    and issues bills
    with your brand logo
  • Customer pays
    their account
  • Recurring commission
    is paid into your
    bank account

What Is The Opportunity?

Electricityinabox supports a number of channels commonly Telco providers and Solar panel providers looking to extend their brand with their customers.


For solar installers: You are already on the customer site so why not simply bolt on an electricity offer when you install the solar panels? If you are installing 100 systems a month that also select electricity you would add $6000 a month in recurring income in by the 12th month. If they were all business customers it would be $18k a month !


For Telco providers: Many of you are running net margins of less than $10 per customer per month. Why not add the option of electricity to the end of the customer sign up process, as a simple opt in – we can take care of the rest. You wont need to manage customer expectation or take support calls, we do this for you.


It is important to understand the power of recurring income, you sign the customer up once and for as long as they are a paying customer you receive a monthly payment. For many in the solar game the COVID experience has meant little or no income. Under this model with the above assumptions you would have continued to make $6000 a month, month in month out while hunkered down in your house.


The numbers: We offer a number of models but the most popular is a flat monthly fee for each customer, we pay you once they have paid us.


For business customers we pay $15 a month for the life of the customer
For residential customers we pay $5 a month for the life of the customer


Electricityinabox® is the authorised retailer so by law we must present Electricityinabox® on the contract the customer signs. You are our brand partner which enables us to present your logo on the contract with the customer as well as the bills and other communications we send out to customers you have signed up.


Any time a customer calls with an electricity issue it is answered by our customer service team. They manage any and all queries allowing you to concentrate on your day to day business.


Some businesses may evolve and wish to move to become a retail electricity provider in their own right. We have internal resource and external consultants who can help you with this if the need arises.


When running your modelling, anticipate a churn rate of around 3% and an average customer life cycle of around 3 years. These numbers will be different based on your customer profile and relationship you have with the customer but will give you a great start point.



Monthly Income based on 100 net adds a month

Monthly Recurring Revenue

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