Moving and connections

Electricity in a box Guarantee:

Provide us with 24 hours notice ensuring easy access to your electricity meter and we will have you powered on for the agreed date. If we do not deliver on our guarantee we will provide you your choice of $100 a day or 50% off your first bill. How good is that !

Note: If you or any of the residents in the premises require life support or any other medical equipment requiring power please call us on 1300 993 039 directly.

General connection information:

We have three categories of connection;

  • New connections
    1. New connections are new requests to connect power to a premises
  • Reconnections
    1. For scenarios where power has been disconnected and needs to be reconnected
  • Transfers
    1. When you already have electricity at your premises however you need the benefit of


When you are moving there are a few things you should consider…

Updating your address details with all of your suppliers is a very important part of moving home or office. By being organised you will feel less stressed and also have the peace of mind that your personal information is sent to you and not in the wrong hands.

We recommend notifying Australia Post and put a forward on your mail to your new address. This will ensure any suppliers you neglect informing about your move will still succeed in getting mail to your new address.

You will also want to contact your Banks, Credit Card providers, Insurers, All government departments, Australian Tax Office. We recommend you take time to jot down all your key suppliers or even look through your bank statements and your saved mail to ensure all parties you need to consider are notified.

Other Utilities – Remember to notify your other utility and telecommunications providers too !

If you are ready to move in or you have a move in in the near future lets sign you up now