Moving Home?

Let’s get your power on ASAP
your plan
Step one enter your postcode this will tell us which distribution network you are in and we will provide you prices depending on your needs
Tell us when to turn the power on
We need to know if you are moving into a new premises or if you are simply changing to us from your current provider for a better deal
Setup Your Account
Enter your personal particulars such as name, address, NMI if you have it and we will then establish your account and organise your cut over
Are Done
We will get you powered up and send you a welcome pack via email outlining our commitment to you and terms and conditions. Everything you need to do is done !

Why Choose

Everyday Savings Everyday Savings

We offer simple, everyday low rates without any unwanted surprises. What you see is what you get.

No Lock-In Contracts No Lock-In Contracts

Don’t want to be locked into an electricity contract? We understand! All our plans are contract-free and operate monthly with no hidden exit fees.

Quick Activation Quick Activation

If you’re the current owner or tenant of your property, we can turn your power on in a flash. If you’re not, just let us know the date you’re moving in and we’ll have it ready for you.

Easy Online Payments Easy Online Payments

We provide our customers with an easy online setup where you can manage your electricity plan and pay your bills without any fuss.

100% Aussie Run 100% Aussie Run

We are proud to be an Australian business that is also Aussie-operated. If you need to call us, you’ll speak to someone in Australia.